What is ComTect?

 Com+Tect™ (Comfort  + Protection) is a line of apparel designed to enhance comfort of riders of open air vehicles such as motorcycles and scooters, while at the same time providing a degree of protection from scrapes, abrasions, and lacerations which are the most common injuries sustained by riders during accidents.

 Where is ComTect from?

 ComTect is a 100% Filipino innovation and product conceptualized, designed and patented in the Philippines by Concept Dynamics Enterprises.

 What is the Active Cooling System™?

 Active Cooling System™ is a proprietary method developed by Concept Dynamics for cooling riding gear through the use of integrated vents, electric fans, ventilated protection devices and power management circuitry.

 How does the Active Cooling System™ work?

 The Active Cooling System™ enhances the human body’s natural evaporative cooling process. Intake fans provide a continuous flow of cooler, drier air from outside the garment. This circulates around the wearer’s body, enhancing natural evaporative cooling of sweat. The warm, moist air is then vented out via exhaust fans.

 How is the Active Cooling System™ powered?

 The ACS draws its power from a Universal Serial Bus (USB) socket on the vehicle. These USB sockets may be aftermarket. Off-vehicle, the ACS is also designed to be powered from an ordinary USB Power Bank.

 Is the Active Cooling System™ technology available on other products?

 No. Concept Dynamics Enterprises has not licensed any other natural or juridical entity to utilize Active Cooling System™ technology in any products. Concept Dynamics Enterprises retains exclusive intellectual and commercial rights. Inquiries on IP related matters may be coursed through Baranda and Associates (https://www.barandaandassociates.com/)  Suite 1002 Fort Legend Towers 3rd Avenue corner 31st Street, Bonifacio Global City. Baranda and Associates is an Affiliated law firm to Rouse & Co International LLP (https://www.rouse.com/).